Pumpkin Tart

This is one of my holiday favorites and graces our dinner table many times during the Fall and Winter months, and especially for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a family tradition to go pumpkin picking early in October, and I always manage to come home with some extra sugar pumpkins to roast. This time my sister-in-law surprised me by stuffing a bunch of them in my trunk. Do you think she wants some pie? 😋

Thanksgiving is usually a very busy time so I will indicate what steps can be done ahead of time. You can even make and finish this the day before you plan to serve it - it's just as delicious the next day. In addition, the way I prepare the tart here, by blind-baking the tart shell and protecting it with a layer of egg white, ensures that you will get a crisp cookie crust to go with the creamy custard.


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