Welcome to Sugarologie! I'm Adriana.

🥳 Shoutout to those of you coming from Short Wave podcast! Nice to meet you... if you like nerdy baking, the best place to start is on my Youtube, which you can find here!

When I started baking many years ago, I struggled with sunken cakes, soggy pie crusts, and curdled buttercreams.

So, I did what I knew best: I started researching.

After reading stacks of books and keeping meticulous journals, I realized I loved exploring the connection between baking + science.

Sugarologie is for the curious home baker. Here you'll find:

  • home kitchen-tested recipes explaining why they work;
  • video tutorials showing my exact methods;
  • actionable answers to baking problems; and
  • The Cakeculator.

I also post tons of helpful videos on social media:


(For business inquiries, please contact: adriana at sugarologie dot com)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cakeculator? How did you make it?

The Cakeculator originates from my idea that cake recipes should be interactive and fun.

I love a good recipe book but feel it's restrictive and makes it difficult for bakers to be creative. For example, say you wanted to learn about a technique or ingredient. You'd have to search for other books or resources online.

Or what if you needed mini cakes instead of a giant cake? Or a different frosting - how much would you need? All these things require extra calculations and time. Could I build something that fixes these issues and makes it easier for bakers?

The Cakeculator project initially started because I was bored.

Isn't this how most things are invented? I was pregnant then, and my brain was feeling a bit underused. For fun, I taught myself how to code and decided that I would write an application for my cake recipes.

It started incredibly simple; the app would just present a text box on my computer with a recipe. It began to gain functionality as I consistently added calculations. It got to a point where I thought, hey, I think this would be helpful for other bakers!I connected the app to a dinky website.

Over time, it has gotten less dinky, and I've added more cakes, frostings, and pans. Currently, I have:
19 Cake Flavors
13 Pan Sizes
14 Frosting Flavors

There are 3458 potential cake combinations you can bake with my Cakeculator.

Right now, I'm the only developer working on it. I am slowly revamping the interface and adding more useful stuff as I get feedback.

So far, the feedback has been encouraging - I get thousands of people messaging me worldwide using The Cakeculator.

Bakers use it for family celebration cakes and their home baking businesses. Wow! That blows me away. And that makes the hours and hours of coding completely worth it.

What is your degree? How did you get into studying food science?

I have an M.S. in microbiology and immunology and a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology. As for food science, I've been reading about it for years for my baking hobby. I've baked heavily throughout my life for stress relief.

There's quite a bit of overlap (particularly between biochemistry and food science) that allows me to digest baking science topics easily. I love distilling those ideas into little helpful facts and tips that help us understand the world of sugar.

Will you ever make vegan/eggless/gluten-free recipes?

When I develop recipes, I do tons of research. There's the process and ingredients - everything has a specific purpose, and I try to figure out what they are.

When it comes to vegan ingredients and gluten-free flours, I'm still learning and experimenting. It's definitely on my to-do list and something I'm looking at featuring in The Cakeculator in the future.