My favorite cakesicle supplies

I’ve spent lots of time in the kitchen playing with all sorts of tools and gadgets for making cakesicles for birthdays, charity events, and bake sales. These are my recommended and favorite tools that I consistently use when constructing and decorating cakesicles.

My Favorite Cakesicle Molds

By far the most important tool you can buy is a great mold. I love anything made from Silikomart. They are a high quality Italian brand that makes all sorts of fantastic molds for all kinds of baking.

The molds that I use to make cakesicles were made for ice cream pops, but they are excellent for cake pops. As with most silicone molds, they withstand oven use (up to 435 deg F) and freezer use so are quite sturdy.

The size of their molds are perfect for cakesicles. Some molds make cakesicles that are just huge! Silikomart molds seem to have their sizing down and their mini molds are the perfect size to substitute for a cupcake.

Each one of silikomart’s mini cream molds require about 100-120 grams of chocolate per 4 cakesicles if you’re using the shelling method. You will need almost quadruple that much if you plan on dipping the cakesicles. You won’t actually end up using that much, but you need enough to fill a glass and properly dip.

They make a few different designs, but the most popular one is the Silikomart Easy Cream Mini Ice Cream Bar Mold Set (click to view on Amazon), which is the classic popsicle shape. This particular mold has four cavities but you can get ones with more cavities if you like to make more at once.

birthday cakesicles

I highly suggest this mold if you’re just starting on your cakesicle journey. The shape has no sharp corners so it’s much easier to remove. It’s also a very classic recognizable “popsicle” shape, so it’s the one mold that I use the most.

If you are an intermediate cakesicle artist, then I suggest the Silikomart Hearts mold or the Silikomart Chic mold (click to view both on Amazon). Both have some more detail, so will require a bit of practice during removal.

I own both and they are very unique. The Heart mold is great for Valentine’s Day and the Chic mold has a little valley in the front to add more details/flavor combinations.

For advanced, check out the Tango mold (click to view on Amazon). I own that one but have yet to try it. And I just ordered the brand new Chocostick mold! I will definitely be putting up a tutorial on these once I get the hang of working with them. 😎

All the Silikomart molds come with 50 popsicle sticks that fit perfectly into the slot in the molds.

You can’t use regular popsicle sticks, so if you need more, make sure to order the popsicle sticks that are made specifically for this mold (click to view on Amazon).

As far as other molds go, I have a really cute bunny one that I like to use for kids (click to view on Amazon).

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bunny Pops

Check out my Bunny mold tutorial here. The only thing about this mold is that they are almost twice as big as a silikomart mold. I made peanut butter pops with these guys and they were huge! The kids didn’t complain at all, since I plopped these in their Easter baskets, but just make sure you have enough chocolate and filling because you will require twice as much.

Cakesicle Packaging

Cakesicle box

It’s all about presentation, right? And it’d be a shame to cover up your beautiful designs by chucking them in sandwich baggies or displaying them on a styrofoam plate.

If you’re giving away your cakesicles for bake sales and others, it’s always good to pack them up so they can be safely transported and protected from handlers.

I love using cellophane bags to package treats individually. You often have to hunt around to find the proper sizes, and I’ve found some great ones for cakesicles.


I found these small cellophane bags that are good for packaging the top portion of the cakesicle, while leaving the bottom stick exposed (click to view on Amazon). This is nice if you want to prop the sticks in something or just have the stick exposed so they’re easy to carry around. They also come with these little twisty ties.

I also use little stickers for the back to label them for kid's birthdays:


Theseprintable labels from Avery fit perfectly on the backs of these bags. (It says they are for laser printers, but I've printed on them multiple times with my HP inkjet just fine. No smearing and good bright color.)

There are also these larger cellophane bags that you can wrap around the entire treat, including the stick (click to view on Amazon).

I also found that these boxes work well in packaging the treats pretty snug (click to view on Amazon). I used them for a bake sale here and put 6 in a box and they worked perfectly:

I don’t think they’d be good for transport because the boxes aren’t super sturdy, but they are sufficient for just presentation purposes.

Hopefully you've been able to get some ideas for your next cakesicle project. I've also made some video tutorials if you want to check them out.


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