My Matcha Cookies (super chewy + not too sweet)

My Matcha Chewies are intensely flavored cookies with ultra chewy-soft centers and just barely crispy edges. The chewy centers feel similar to the inside of a macaron, yet unlike macarons, these cookies contain no eggs. This recipe instead uses condensed milk for its lovely texture, which also lends a sweet toasted milk flavor to pair with the earthy matcha.

What ingredients do you need for these Matcha Chewies?


Pictures coming soon!

Please bake by weight if you can. 

I research and develop everything on this site using weights (in grams), so they are listed first in the recipe card. Measuring by weight is the best way to replicate my recipes. This is particularly important with fluffy ingredients such as flour, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar.

For measurements under 5 grams, I will typically only list the volumetric measurements (teaspoons, etc.) as most home scales are not precise enough under that weight.

I have converted grams to volumes (cups, teaspoons, etc.) for American bakers who prefer it. These are not as precise and may have awkward proportions (such as ½ cup + 1 tablespoon). However, they still work. 

This is the OXO scale I use daily. I also purchased this budget version of a good scale, which I keep at my Mom’s house for baking. If you’re interested in other tools I use for my baking, I’ve compiled a list here.

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