Homemade Funfetti Cake (A Delicious Sprinkle Cake!)

Welcome to version 2.0 of my Sprinkle Cake! This is a super moist, vanilla, and butter-forward cake with a fluffy, spongy white crumb. It’s a versatile flavor and cake that goes with almost any type of frosting.

In this recipe I'll show you how to I made three 8 inch layers this sprinkle cake. You can use any frosting you like with this cake, but I'll include the frosting you see in the pic above, which is my American Dreamy Buttercream.

Why did I change the original recipe? 

Well, I’ve become a much better cake recipe developer since I first created this one a couple of years ago. The original sprinkle cake was based on a yellow cake; Sprinkle 2.0 is from a new group of white cakes. This, along with the lack of egg yolks, produces a whiter cake that can hold more moisture and give it a plush texture. 

Buckle up - I researched the heck out of this cake, and it’s a good one.

What ingredients go into my Sprinkle Cake?

Cake flour is a finely milled, lower-protein type of flour. 

Baking powder is the leavening agent. Combined with liquids and heat, the baking powder activates in the oven, allowing the cake to rise.


Egg whites are whipped up and provide moisture and structure. No yolks are used in this recipe, so stash those in the fridge for something else :)

White sugar provides the sweetness and moisture for this cake. It’s used in two ways for this cake. The first is to cream with the fats, and a second amount is used to stabilize the meringue. I’ve labeled each carefully, so pay attention to the instructions, so you add the correct amount.

Unsalted butter is a fat source that provides moisture and flavor. Unsalted is best to use in baking because it allows us to customize the salt content of our baked goods. 

Oil is a fat source and provides moisture for the crumb. Use a flavorless kind such as canola or vegetable.

Vanilla and almond extract flavor the cake. If you don’t want to use almond, just sub in for extra vanilla. If you’re going for pure nostalgia and want to make a cake that tastes like Pilsbury’s Funfetti box cake (which uses artificial flavorings) - use artificial vanilla extract. I use this brand here - it’s clear, so it doesn’t tint your batters or frostings, and it has a tasty nostalgic flavor that is surprisingly good. (Amazon link

Buttermilk is a source of liquid and acidity for the cake. 

Sprinkles provide color to the interior of the cake. I usually use two brands - the Target ones here, which have more of the primary colors, or the Wilton brand, which has some pink sprinkles. These sprinkles typically melt straight into the batter when heated without minimal bleeding during the mixing step. By adding them in at the very end, we can limit the amount of color bleeding and get an excellent design on the inside of the final cake.


How to make the Sprinkle 2.0 cake 

Step 1. Preheat oven to 350F

Step 2. Prep pans

Take 3 8” round cake pans, spray with oil or butter, and lay a piece of circle parchment onto the bottoms.

Step 3. Sift the dry ingredients

Sift (3a) and thoroughly whisk (3b) to combine the baking powder throughout.

Step 4. Make the meringue

Whip up the egg whites while slowly pouring sugar to create a stable meringue.

Step 5. Cream the fats and sugar

Now let’s start the batter by creaming the fats and sugar (5a). It should be off white and slightly granular like this (5b).

Step 6. Alternate adding dry and wet ingredients

Alternate adding the dry ingredients with buttermilk to ensure even mixing.

Step 7. Fold in meringue

Carefully fold in the meringue to give the cake a bit of lift while baking (7a). During the last bit of meringue, add the sprinkles (7b) and continue to fold (7c).

Step 8. Bake for 35-40 minutes

Pour the batter into the prepared pans and bake (8a).You’ll know the cake is done when it springs back when touched or reaches 200F (8b).

Step 9. Allow cakes to cool slightly

Wrap while slightly warm to lock in moisture or use when cooled.

Ok onto the recipe; the one below makes an 8 inch cake with three layers, so it's a pretty big cake. If you need this recipe in another size or want to make cupcakes, use my Cakeculator and choose "Sprinkle 2.0" for the cake flavor. I have plenty of sizes to mess around with.

Happy Baking :)

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