Carrot lover's cake frosted with buttercream cheese frosting

Carmelized carrot puree is the secret to this carrot cake. We'll go through every step on how to prepare and bake a carrot layer cake, which can be modified to include add-ins like raisins and nuts or just plain with shredded carrots. And of course, I'll be using my awesome buttercream cheese frosting, which is stable enough to hold up this 8 inch cake and give us smooth sides and piping.

The cream cheese frosting IΒ used for this cake is super stable and pipes intricate designs - you can check on my cream cheese post here to learn more about how it comes together.

If you'd like to make the exact carrot cake in my video - an 8 inch, 3 layer round cake with ButterCream Cheese frosting, you can follow the recipe down below. If you need to make carrot cake in any other size, including cupcakes, or sheet cakes, or mini cakes, feel free to use my cakeculator, which allows you to pick your pan size.


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